Exhibition PRECIOUS

From 1 April, Rebecca Geskus and Erna van Sambeek will exhibit in Natura Docet, Wonderryck, at Denekamp.
This exhibition can be visited until December 2018.

Precious – Two artists, nature as source
From the beginning of April 2018, the exhibition Precious will be on display in the Natura Docet Wonderryck Twente museum. In this temporary exhibition nature, art and design are connected. The work of artists Rebecca Geskus and Erna van Sambeek and objects from the museum collection are brought together. There is a dialogue between art and nature. The basis of the work is wool, felt and recycled materials.
In addition, the so-called black tents of woven goat hair are a source of inspiration for both artists. Nomadic peoples from North Africa to China use these tents up to the present day.

Entrance to the exhibition, via a black tent, which the two artists have made of 'worthless' material especially for the exhibition; from Texel 'black wool' and old fishing nets. Inspired by the Black Nomadic tent.

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